by My Pizza My World

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released February 10, 2015


all rights reserved


Track Name: Song For You
Well one of these days I'm gonna get caught
For something I might or i might not have done
Well at least i can say it was fun
When I'm running from you
And i could say sorry about your daughter
But all that I spit out is you should have raised her smarter
If you didn't want her to end up with someone like me

So this song goes out to you
Thanks for being there when I needed you most
And this song goes out to all my friends who spent the time
When they had the time to spend it
And this song is for you
Even if its over due
And its not the best but I hope that you still like it

And one of these days I'm gonna get pissed
I'll just drink some booze
And pop some pills to make the best of it
Sorry but i like to have fun
Even if it might kill me
But all i ever wanted was to be just who I am
and I love you but that's who I'm gonna be

Cause I fuck up and
I get down and i get down
And I make up things in my head that aren't real
I get so strung out on the way things are
I'll be suprised if i make it thru the year

So this song goes out to you
Thanks for being there when I needed you most
And this song goes out to everyone
Who ended up like me
And this song is for you
Even if its overdue
and its not the best but I hope that you still like it! <3
Track Name: Forgotten
a passing moment a missed connection
something gone before you ever knew you could grasp it
a fragile mindset teetering on a hilltop
built of stones of regret over a sea of broken glass
pass the whiskey its almost morning
I'm tired of wasting time and I'm tired of being lonely
put a curse on my house
cause Im such a mess i cant do anything myself these days

and id rather be lost here than forgotten (X2)

I sold my picket fences to secondhand shops
wasted memories thrown them to the junkyard
bastardized this life and turned it into rubble
and I don't know where to run
that I haven't run before
its easier said than done
with years of failed attempts to balance the ups and downs cause


drifting thru the ocean
of self medication shaking bones in cracked skin
give me another reason
to get out of my bed besides the coffee in the morning
I might be a coward
I might be an idol
depends on where you're standing on the road that i traveled

bastardized this life
turned it to trash
ran out of cash
and I'm just a vagrant in my own living hell
but darlin' you know me too well

I'd rather be lost here than forgotten....
Track Name: Long Gone
most days i feel like breaking down
the myriad of thoughts
regrets in my head
i find myself in crowds
just to get lost

I found the hardest lesson to learn
is to forgive yourself
to forfeit their assumptions
and pass the judgement for yourself

my scars have charted
a journey you could never know
and honestly id rather leave my bones
on these old dirty roads

you spat in my face far too many times
was it too much to ask
for one apology
its a shame
you can point the finger at everyone
until there's nothing and no one left
but your own reflection
these problems seem so real
when I'm standing still
but I cant see a world beyond this broken city
and i miss that rust on my hands
so thanks for reminding me of why i left in the first place

my scars have charted
a journey you could never know
and honestly id rather leave my bones
on these old dirty roads

*Joe Dirt*
"so I'll keep on keepin' on"

and the time will pass
these miles will grow
and I'll find that these petty problems are
long gone..
Track Name: Hag Jag
my haggard jagged hair
smelling smoke stained in the morning
disheveled as ever
and sore
and my aching shaky bones
they don't need an explanation
just adjust your dirty clothes
and get up off the floor
because we dont need to
live like kings to be happy
i survive on maverick cigarettes
and food like twice a week
and my analog stereo
outdated 20 years ago
sounds just fine to me

and you say this bottle
it drowns our misery
when you call your noose
a necktie
and your deskjob is your destiny
and you say we're hopeless and carefree
cause we are
but thats no way to live

and there's state lines in this country
that they say that i cant cross
and theres people they say
that i cant see
demanded by judges and lawyers and cops
but who listens to them anyway
and ill tell you wine tastes better
when you're halfway through a swamp
hightailing away from the police
til flashing lights of spotlight cars
and dogs right at your feet

Track Name: Stomach Knots & Alcohol
I can barely recognize myself
without the bags under my eyes
a bottle to kill the hunger pains
and wanting to die
but still i go back
back to that place
the pills, the powder, liquid
never wanting to sleep

to be sober was a suicide
a risk not willing to take
and misery
my only company
it seemed the only friend I could keep

tiptoeing across the rubble
where a home used to be
I stutter thru the words that are to hard to find
live a life so long in static
til self destruction becomes a habit
refuse to waste away

I've spent too many days it seems
locked behind these walls
hoping one day i could escape
stomach knots and alcohol
and drowning in my dreams
a constant reminder if what I'm trying to forget

It's harder to open your heart to the world
when you've been stepped on and hurt
it's a burning wire
but we'll set the bridge on fire
all you can hope for is to reach the other side

tiptoeing across the rubble
where a home used to be
stutter thru the words that are too hard to find
live a life so long in static
self destruction becomes a habit

Track Name: No Time For Cryin'
No Time For Cryin

Into and instrumental Chords G A7 D7 G walk down to E A7 D7 G

VERSE chords G A7 D7 G
Well I’m always in debt
Never gettin a paycheck
Broke as a joke and its never funny
But ill still dance with you my honey
Cause I’m free
I just do what i please
Make a little lovin a little huggin and touchin
Cause thats whats important to me
Wakin’ up to your face
Smilin’ in the morning
Tell me you love me give me birds in my tummy
And thats just the start of my love for you

I got lots of problems
I aint tryin to solve them
Just living away these old lonley days
Just to look into those eyes and say
Baby it’ll be just fine
Cause i have made up my mind
You’re the one for me
My favorite company
Eating pizza every single night

CHORDS C Am G C walkdown to Am D G

And theres no time for cryin’ dear
I promise I’ll be right here
If you ever need someone to talk to
Vodka drunk
Screaming at your best friends
2.(cocaine crazy or staying in for lazy days)
3.(waking up I’m empty wont you fill my cup)
Naked as a new born baby

My baby baby
My favorite lady
Pretty as a penny and I think I’m ready
To ask you to be my gal
Cause I'm walking alone
I want to make your heart my home
This world is so cold without you
And when your trumpet screams
I want to fall right to my knees
Cause i ain't never heard anything so perfect

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